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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

We all know candles are WONDERFUL!! The warm feeling they give and the wonderful scents (if you have a quality candle) they make a home well, ... homey! However, being a person with many allergies, I have always had a very difficult time finding candles that I could enjoy without causing me allergy problems. While searching for a quality candle I could enjoy without problems, I also discovered the MANY health risks of candles :( All the nasty chemicals (especially in the wicks) not to mention the toxins and nasty soot they put off while they burn! YUCK!! I was THRILLED to discover Scentsy!! NO nasty chemicals, NO toxins released while burning ~ nothing burns. I could now enjoy the great smells and warm glow from BEAUTIFUL warmers for many hours (I have warmers that are always on!!) No panicking that I forgot to blow out a candle, or second guessing if I did blow out the candle?? I never have to worry about my warmers getting too hot. (Heads up ~ you DO have to worry about that with walmart warmers!! They can only be on 2-3 hrs no more than 2 times a day!! Read their safety warning.) Scentsy warmers are perfectly safe for children and pets, the wax only reaches body temperature and is FOOD GRADE (again unlike walmart wax that burns HOT and is full of chemicals!! Ewwww!!) And one of the BEST things, I have not found one single Scentsy product I am allergic to ~ coming from someone who is allergic to EVERYTHING .... this is EPIC! :) I know you will love Scentsy as much as I do!! AND, I have to add ~ The laundry liquid, washer whiffs and dryer discs .....OH MY GOODNESS, I am IN LOVE with Scentsy even more (is that possible?) AMAZING!! Our clothes are softer, less dryer lint, and smell BEYOND FABULOUS!!!!